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Miekduu  Mainaut  Miekhies

Be Resourceful

Be Mindful

  Act Now

Welcome to the Norfolk Wave! We are a community organisation on a mission to support Norfolk Island’s residents and visitors as we journey together towards better waste practices on the island. Through local initiatives and media we endeavour to spread our message of miekduu (be resourceful), mainaut (be mindful) and miekhies (act now), to advocate on behalf of our environment and letl salan (children).

The Norfolk Wave have partnered with recycling company Revolve Your World to support our community’s transition into a thriving circular economy. As we 'catch' our waste to create community resources and provide ongoing support and initiatives, we get closer to a sustainable future for auwas hoem (our home). Through this website and our Norfolk Wave socials we can all stay on the same page, creating a matrix of movement, very similar to the 'Norfolk Wave' that is shared on Norfolk roads between visitors and locals alike. Join us on this wave to a sustainable future!


We love auwas Norfolk Island community and we aim to keep yorli up-to-date with all the Norfolk Wave news! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for the latest information.

RAMA Festival Films 2022

In 2022 the Norfolk Wave ran its inaugural RAMA Film Festival. We were blown away by the talent and enthusiasm from the community, and can't wait for our next festival September 2023! The theme of the 2022 RAMA Film Festival was 'Reeling In Auwas Marine Park Aroha', in which each filmmaker was asked to express an ocean-related theme that celebrates our connection to the sea. Here are some of the films from the festival. Stay tuned to our socials for the 2023 theme!

Norfolk Wave Initiatives

From helping Doris the Green Sea Turtle, to proper waste sorting and reducing single-use plastics and harmful sunscreens - the Norfolk Wave team have been busy the past couple of years!

The 'Headstone' Film

This was the film that shocked the senses and then helped inspire the solutions. We knew that our waste was being tipped into the sea, but we didn't want to think about it. We have come a long way in a short time yorli, and it's just going to keep getting better for aklan and auwas environment 💚 

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