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Watawieh and welcome to the Norfolk Wave website!

If you've spent time on Norfolk Island you would have experienced the

 famous Norfolk Wave that is shared between passing drivers, local and

visitor alike. This simple hand gesture weaves around the island, like

ocean swells and currents - a reminder that we are all connected.

The Norfolk Wave aims to provide an educational platform for

Norfolk Island residents and visitors who wish to make better waste choices. 

Through organising on-island initiatives and sharing resources on our media channels, we hope to spread our message of miekduu (be resourceful), mainaut (be mindful) and miekhies (act now) to all who love auwas hoem (our home). 

 Together, we can protect Norfolk for future generations, and also

create a sustainability template for other communities to follow.

On November 23rd, 2021, Norfolk's Headstone rubbish tip closed to the

public. Prior to this, approximately 100m3/month of the island's waste

was being burnt at Headstone and tipped into the sea. To read more about Norfolk's waste journey and the challenges ahead, visit our Big Saf page.

The Norfolk Wave is a resource of Norfolk-related waste information, with

helpful tips for both locals and visitors on our Nyuus page and social media pages. Through the encouragement of better practice, we aim to inspire a thriving circular economy on Norfolk, whereby materials and products are refurbished and recycled as much as possible, before becoming landfill. 

Like any small town, we love a bit of local Dem Tal (gossip). Read the eco-adventures of some local heroes on this page, or wander through the Aklan

pages where you will meet the traditional custodians of Norfolk Island, and

learn about the campaign's backstory and inspiration.

Norfolk is a tiny island, though we have a unique opportunity

to create a huge ripple across the Pacific and beyond! Join us!




The Norfolk Wave has its own take on the well-known "Reduce Reuse Recycle" slogan, using words in the Norf'k language. 

Miekduu : Be Resourceful

Mainaut : Be Mindful

Miekhies : Act Now

We ask that locals and visitors miekduu where possible, aiming to reduce, reuse and support local business as a preference.

We ask that all on-island mainaut for ways to reduce their impact, dispose of waste correctly and purchase sustainable options.

The Norfolk economy and natural environment need us to miekhies because our future generations are depending on us.

Thank you to all our supporters who have made this film and project possible. We applaud the local touring company

Baunti Tours for joining us on this wave, and for pledging their commitment to reducing their waste footprint.

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