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Welcome to the Norfolk Wave!

Watawieh yorlye? Hello and how are you? You have reached the hub of the Norfolk Wave Recycling Centre! We combine proven and innovative technologies under one roof to recycle most of our community's household and domestic waste. We create valuable resources for our community out of waste materials and also isolate a variety of recyclable streams for export. Through these initiatives and the support of our wonderful community, we have drastically reduced the amount of waste we export to Australian landfill.

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Our Norfolk Wave Community Dashboard

Stay up-to-date with all the inputs and outputs of material streams at the Norfolk Wave Recycling Centre!

Sorting at Home and Processing at the Centre

We have developed a guide that explains how to sort your materials at home or in your accommodation. Once the materials arrive to the Centre, they are sorted to maximise their recycling capacity. You can do your part to elevate Norfolk's recycling rate by ensuring that you hand over sorted and decontaminated recyclable items to our staff 🇳🇫


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