Gabrielle Beaumont was one of Norfolk's plastic-free pioneers, and an inspiration to so many. She was a loved Norfolk girl, admired by all for her tenacity, humour and heart.


She was also a talented clinical herbalist, naturopath and nutritionist - and a fierce protector of the natural world. 

Gab was just a young girl when she sewed her mum a reusable bag to take to her radio station gig. She would go to school and lecture the other kids about littering, never afraid to speak her mind when protecting the environment.

Gab's mum Margaret started the  'Boomerang Bags' on Norfolk as a suggestion from her daughter, and she continues to honour her daughter through this service to the community.

Before Gab passed, she was part of a dedicated team of locals who were initiating community projects that aimed to increase the island's self-sufficiency and protect the environment.

Gab, this campaign is for you. Thank you for leading the way forward and caring so much about auwas future.

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