An amazing team of volunteers make it so much easier for us on Norfolk Island to refuse plastic bags by providing an awesome reusable carry bag option. Boomerang Bags Norfolk Island commenced production in July 2015 and make approximately 4,000 bags each year.

There are several different size bags:

  • Large bags for the supermarkets

  • Narrow bags for the Liquor Bond - made of stronger material

  • Small bags for the Pharmacy - made from donated pillow slips

  • Set of 3 light-weight vegetable bags available in the Supermarkets. Three vegie bags in a small Boomerang Bag sell for $10.00 - a great gift idea.

Additionally, the team makes a special book bag for the first intake of students at Norfolk Island Central School (NICS) each year. Donated doona covers with childlike patterns are set aside each year specifically to make these bags.

The team of volunteers also made a special shoulder style bag for the year 12 students in 2020 as a thank you for their efforts of fund raising for Boomerang Bags N.I.

Boomerang Bags NI have an enthusiastic group of volunteers performing a multitude of tasks. Several of the team do not sew but there are always other important and necessary steps involved in making the bags. Hours are spent - pinning the straps and labels, ironing the straps before they are sewn, folding the donated material ready for cutting out, and silk screening the prints on the labels.

The 'borrow and bring back' bags can be found at the local supermarket outlets, and a returns box is located in the main entrance to the Foodland Mall. The bags are checked by volunteers before returning to the stands, they are ironed or washed if necessary, and any that are not suitable are removed from circulation.

Donated materials to make the bags can be left at a central 'drop off' site - with Rowan in the office of Kiernan Agencies. Boomerang Bags coordinator, Margaret Kiernan collects the donated materials each week. Without the interest for the environment, and the support of the local community donating materials over the years, the team would not have been able to continue making such an important reusable bag.

The Boomerang Bags team meet every Wednesday and Saturday afternoon between 12.30 and 3.00pm. If you would like to assist the team please contact Margaret on +6723 55925.

With the Norfolk Island Boomerang Bag organisation creating about 4000 bags annually, that equates to approximately 1800 metres of repurposed fabric being used to produce the bags. Fabric that is being saved from landfill! The team even take the weights out of any donated old curtains and recycle the lead for fishing sinkers on the island.

We are so fortunate to have such a wonderfully dedicated group of Volunteers who make these bags each week to provide our island with a more sustainable way to shop. We thank them all for their commitment and enthusiasm to help protect our environment.

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