We would like to express a huge thaenks f aklan (thanks from us all) to the people who have supported this campaign, from the local eco-action groups and businesses, to Norfolk's Regional Council and the team at the Waste Management Centre. We are incredibly lucky to have such an array of creative and talented people on Norfolk, who are working to support us on our mission towards environmental responsibility and local sustainability. We would also like to profoundly thank the Our Marine Parks Grant for backing our vision, and prioritising the health and sustainability of our incredible oceans.


With the huge heart and soul of the Norfolk Island community behind the campaign, we have little doubt that this project will be a success and make waves way beyond our shores. It is our most sincere hope that one day auwas letl salan (our children) will look back to The Norfolk Wave campaign as the catalyst for lasting change - a cleaner, greener and more sustainable Norfolk Island for all future generations. 

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