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Our Norfolk Wave Story

Evolving & Revolving

The Norfolk Wave concept began as campaign in 2020, funded by a 'Our Marine Parks Grant' (Australian Marine Parks), to raise awareness around waste choices within the Norfolk Island community. At the time, we were burning our bulky waste and tipping it into the sea, plus exporting our household and commercial waste to landfill in Australia at untenable costs. Through the Norfolk Wave Campaign we were able to join forces with other local initiatives and create a movement towards environmental awareness and personal responsibility with regards to waste choices. It did become clear early on however, that the Norfolk community could only go so far within the current waste system.


As fate would have it, Norfolk Wave founder Natalie Grube heard of a company named Revolve Your World who had transformed the recycling rate of the Byron Bay Beach Hotel from 10% to 90% overnight and maintained this recycling rate for over three years. Fast forward to the present day, and Revolve Your World is now an integral part of Norfolk Island's sustainable future. Through the combination of Revolve Your Word's expertise and the Norfolk Wave's community outreach, the Norfolk Island community has embarked on an exciting new sustainability journey. Reducing waste at the source and creating resources from waste are just the beginning steps for Revolve Your World and the Norfolk Wave! Watch this space as we continue to evolve and revolve towards a thriving circular economy for Norfolk Island 🇳🇫 

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The NWRC Team 

Excited to Sort Things Out! 

Introducing the Norfolk Wave Recycling Centre team!

Our local and visiting team are really looking forward to working with yorlye as we roll out the new recycling system. We are here to create a custom-built system for the Norfolk community, and sort out any issues along the way. 



Norfolk's community engagement team work together to ensure that the island's residents and businesses have their voices heard, so that the operation of the recycling system reflects the needs of the community.  



The hands-on team at the Norfolk Wave Recycling Centre work together to ensure that everything runs smoothly, from the technology to the decontamination of waste and the production of resources.

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